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East African Horseback Safaris

We offer our guests an intimate and personal horse riding holiday, affording them the best that East Africa has to offer in terms of the African 'Bush'. Our horseback safaris are highly personalised and very much ‘off the beaten track’. You will be accompanied on all rides by your hosts ensuring that your riding holiday will be a truly memorable one.

Horseriding safaris give you the ultimate outdoor feeling of being in the wild, whilst not being confined to the inside of a safari vehicle. Please first familiarise yourself with the concept of horse riding safaris by having a look at our 'Info and Experience levels' page, which will help you decide what type of safari best suits your riding experience, to maximise the pleasure you get out of your experience.

We, your hosts, are both veterinarians and ensure the condition of the horses. Even in challenging circumstances in the bush the condition of the horses is superb. Rides are at all paces where the terrain permits. The horses are Warm blood, some Arab and Thoroughbred and X, all ridden with bitless tack in a loose rein and relaxed style. 

The food is always prepared fresh and most of the ingredients are produced on the farm. This includes most vegetables, meat, milk and milk products. Expect to find freshly home baked bread on your table every morning, as well as homemade pastries in the afternoon.

The itinerary you choose depends totally on your interests and the number of hours and days you wish to spend in the saddle. 

There are various scheduled rides with set dates available. If you inquire as a group then please let us know your wishes and we will create the itinerary which suits your ideas the best.

Ride Arusha National Park and further

For the first time in the history of Tanzanias National Parks - Horseriding in Arusha Park

“Momella – a farm in Africa“. This film documents the life of Margarete Trappe, the famous  “White Huntress”, also known as “Mother of the Masai”. She moved from Germany to Tanzania at the beginning of the 20th century and founded the farm called "Momella", located in what is now Arusha National Park.

For the first time in the history of Tanzania´s National Parks TANAPA has given Makoa-Farm exclusive access to take riding safaris within the park boundaries. Dive into the world of Margarete Trappe and follow her footsteps tracking game - but with the camera rather than a gun!

And for those who like to go further:
Ride the wilderness all the way from Mt. Meru to Mt. Kilimanjaro

Tanzania is still the country where parks and other areas are not separated by fences. Wildlife moves between national parks, wildlife management areas and reserves, on their way passing Masailand, bush and even areas with farming activities. This ride starts at Arusha National Park, after a few days we leave the park and ride along the the same trails animals use on their way to the Enduimet Wildlife Management Area and Kilimanjaro National Park. Sceneries change fast on this ride, from the montane rain forest through bush savannah, along gallery forests and semi-arid areas, until we reach the montane forest of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Accommodation: Mobile camps, lodge, comfortable cottage or guest house on Makoa-Farm

Adventure Level IV: 
Suitable for experienced riders only 

Non Riders: 
Alternative accompanying program can be arranged


The South-Amboseli Ride

Start Kilimanjaro, go North... South-Amboseli Ride

The outstanding experience for riders. You will be riding in the corridor area between Amboseli, Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru, in one of the areas where animals migrate in order to follow new pastures. This usually happens during or close to the rain seasons when animals congregate and migrate in herds. Note: Most recommended after the long rains, in the months June / July, best chances of good pastures for wildlife.

Did you ever dream of cantering side by side with herds of giraffe or zebra? This is the chance to live your dream!

Accommodation: Mobile camps

Adventure Level IV: 
Suitable for experienced riders only 

Non Riders: 
Alternative accompanying program can be arranged

Riding in the West Kilimanjaro Wildlife Management Area

Accommodation: Permanent luxury camps and mobile camps, comfortable cottage or guest house on Makoa-Farm

Adventure Level IV:
Suitable for experienced riders only

Non Riders:
Alternative accompany program can be arranged

In West-Kilimanjaro, between the highest point in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru we explore the Wilderness, encountering amongst others elephant, buffalo, zebra, giraffe and lots of different antelope. This is a mobile tented safari for 2-6 experienced riders at a time, making it a very personal experience. The tents are dome tents and provided with beds, comfortable mattresses, duvets and pillows. There are toilet and hot bucket shower tents.

Depending on the itinerary required your camp may change locations or may remain on the same place from where you will ride out in different areas. Emphasis is on game viewing and scenery in remote areas.

Riding Holiday on Makoa-Farm for an Unlimited Riding Experience

  • 8 days Makoa-Farm Riding Vacation
  • Other itineraries ranging from (please inquire)
    • 3 days Makoa-Farm to
    • 15 days Mt. Kilimanjaro Coffee Plantation Experience
      (a riding and activity holiday)

Traveling to the southern slopes of Kilimanjaro, just a one hours drive from Arusha or 20 minutes from the old German town of Moshi, you arrive at Makoa Farm, a plantation with coffee, maize and beans - and horses with the perfect terrain for riding.
Enjoy the comfortortable rooms and cottages on Makoa-Farm and a range from half day to day rides, mixed with excursions and hikes, etc. We spend numerous hours in the saddle exploring the area while riding through rivers, bush and farmland. The landscapes and scenery are as diverse as they are enchanting.

A part of the farm is designated for nature and animals: pastures, elephant grass fields and bush provide a good habitat for animals such as birds, monkey, antelope, porcupine and bush pig, but also small predators like civet, genet, serval, jackal and striped hyena. Some of them are seen regularly on our rides whereas some of them are nocturnal and therefore not easy to spot.

Domesticated and wild animals are brought for medical treatment into our veterinary clinic, sometimes from areas far away. Almost no week passes without new arrivals, be it injured or orphaned animals and often guests join in to help. For more information pls check www.facebook.com/kilimanjaroanimalcrew/

This is an experience not to be missed!

Accommodation: Makoa-Farm

Adventure Level II:
Suitable for the medium experienced rider.

Alternative programs can be arranged.