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South Amboseli Ride - Challenging Experience for Fit Riders

Have you ever seen giraffe galloping gracefully in slow motion? What could be more exciting than the opportunity to gallop alongside such amazing animals. And where else should this happen if not in the plains next to Africa´s highest mountain - Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Let your dream come true and share this extraordinary experience with us! Located in Tanzania´s north there are several routes where animals congregate and migrate: One of the areas where this happens is the game corridor between Amboseli, Mt. Kilimanjaro and Meru.
This is where we will ride: In private concession areas and Wildlife Management Areas, where animals congregate and migrate in order to follow new pastures. This usually happens with the starting rains, ideal for tracking herds of plains game in this area.

General Information

This is a trail with long riding routes and therefore offers most of the riding, change of landscapes and great game viewing. The South Amboseli area is famous for elephants and sometimes old bulls can be met here amongst other game. Expect to meet herds of zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, eland and other antelope.

During the rainy season all of a sudden this vast plain becomes populated and there are migratory herds wandering through feeding on the fresh short grasses. Even in the dry season the area hosts animals and is perfect for canters with wildebeest or zebra – or giraffe…

On this route we will ride as far as up to the Kenyan border close to Amboseli National Park. The landscape changes completely and the soil seems to consist of chalk. Even more surprising that also this area hosts many animals. Years ago the Sinya Mines where mined for “Meerschaum”.

The South Amboseli rides are challenging and demanding riding itineraries and the requirements of the riders ability is high. This is the ride for motivated riders that will thoroughly enjoy it!





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