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A "Hands-On" Holiday Experience on Makoa-Farm

Get some real insight behind the scenes - on Makoa-Farm, our base, south of Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

Makoa-Farm is a 358 acre farming environment with a fully working 200-acre plantation with coffee, maize and beans. At the same time the main part of our farm is designated to nature and animals - Makoa-Farm is an animal haven and much of our time revolves around animals of all kind - healthy, injured and orphaned ones. 

We, Elisabeth and Laszlo, are your hosts and experienced Veterinary Practitioners who care for the needs of the domestic and ‘wild’ creatures of the area. We provide a constant warm welcome to two- and four-legged visitors alike.

Over the past 10 years we have been involved in the care, rehabilitation and housing of orphaned, injured, neglected, abused and abandoned wild animals, including hyena, bush pig, warthog, serval and genet cat, greater galago (bush baby), Sykes and Vervet monkey, jackal, different antelope species and many birds of prey, etc. Have a look at www.facebook.com/kilimanjaroanimalcrew/ for an update on current residents and patients.

Makoa-Farm operates a policy of never turning an animal away so if you want to give ‘something back' during your stay in Tanzania, this is an ideal project with which to get involved. 

Almost no week passes without a new occupant arriving, meaning this Hands-On holiday gives you the opportunity to gain more experience with all sorts of domestic and wild animals on the beautiful slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

During your stay with us you will have the chance to handle tame and wild animals and get involved creating a stable environment for them around the farm. You will get insight in care-taking for all sorts of animals and reserve maintenance, further you will learn how to guide project tours.

This experience is an absolute must for anyone who is enthusiastic about animals and the environment. Visitors participating in the program all have a common ambition – to see, feel, and smell Africa. You will leave with a greater knowledge and understanding of Africa, and a feeling that you have made a positive contribution to conservation.

There is no typical day at Makoa - each brings its own magical moments, trials and tribulations - all adding to the adventure and spirit of living and working in Africa.

Expect the unexpected!


Makoa-Farm offers many activities; beautiful hiking routes along the scenic river valleys, waterfalls, rivers and springs provide for great swimming and horseback riding is available for experienced riders to explore Makoa-Farm and the surrounding area.

There are 25 horses for farm rides and horseback safaris and experienced riders may join training rides in and outside Makoa-Farm. This requires prior experience in riding over rough terrain as during the rides we may cross valleys, rivers with seasonally strong current and dry river beds.

You may also have opportunities to enjoy sleep-outs in the bush, and experience traditional culture by staying overnight at local homesteads or visiting local schools.

There are a number of attractions in around the area that can be easily accessed during your stay with us.

For a change of scenery, the nearest towns, Moshi and Arusha, are a short drive away (Moshi 20 mins, Arusha 1 hour) and have all the usual amenities including medical clinic, supermarkets, restaurants, and Internet cafés. Both towns are usually visited 2-3 times every month for supplies or veterinary related visits.

You may also arrange for side excursions to Arusha or Kilimanjaro National Park or the forest reserve, West Kilimanjaro Wilderness and surrounding communities, where a wonderful mix of wildlife and cultural experiences can be found.


Makoa-Farm works to educate local farmers, provide positive solutions to the continuous problems between farmers and wild animals, and give sanctuary to threatened wildlife. Additionally, we have established a strong, trusting relationship with the local schools in the surrounding areas and use this interaction with the young generation to help promote conservation goals. We support educational programs in local schools, both by raising sponsorships and also while arranging environmental education workshops and excursions for the children.

You will participate in educational tours and workshops for children and adults from nearby schools and neighboring villages.

Rates vary depending on the type of accommodation (simple rooms or exclusive guest cottages) and the experience required, also on the length of your stay, e.g. 2 weeks are available between 1,500 Euro to 2,900 Euro per person. Longer stays are available, too - please inquire.

You are required to sign an indemnity form acknowledging and accepting the consequences of being in close contact with wild animals.

Flights and travel/medical insurance are NOT included. The only additional spending money required will be for visa, personal purchases (curios, alcohol, soda, luxury/imported goods, chocolates, sweets, toiletries), excursions away from the Sanctuary, and pre/post project travel. Please note that the contribution is not refundable!

Please bear in mind that the sooner you register, the better your chances of securing your placement!

We look forward to seeing you soon!