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Farm Holidays and Horse Riding Adventures in Tanzania - on the Foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Makoa-Farm, an intimate small lodge, is located on a lovingly restored old coffee estate. We accommodate our guests in comfortable, spacious rooms, most of which feature a spectacular view of Mount Kilimanjaro.

On Makoa-Farm we offer an activity package with horserides in and around the farm, catering for all sorts of different riding abilities, further various other activities like excursions, guided hikes, visits of tribal people, village walks, market visits, etc. 

The landscape and scenery are as diverse as they are enchanting. Much of the farmland is devoted to conservation, bordered by two rivers, each filled with towering trees - a habitat we are committed to preserving. The birdlife is phenomenal, monkeys, small antelope and nocturnal game abound, and are frequently seen and heard.

The farm is near Kilimanjaro's Machame Gate with access to the spectacular rainforest on the mountain's lower slopes. The area is home to the Chagga people whose small villages and coffee farms dot the hillsides. On the plains to the south, Masai graze their cattle. The area is rich in diversity and surprisingly free of the tourist trappings.

In addition to twenty five horses it is home to a variety of farm and pet animals such as donkeys, pigs, cattle, small four-legged creatures like rabbits and guinea pigs and different kinds of poultry and fowl. The occasional orphaned or injured wild animal spends time as an in-patient in the veterinary clinic. Susi and Schroeder, the pet pigs, Gin and Tonic, the tame bush pigs, and many others add to giving Makoa a delightful old country feel.

Produce from our own farm and kitchen garden (the bounty of which we happily share with monkeys, duikers and a myriad of other small creatures) is used to prepare the wonderful meals on offer.

We, Elisabeth and Laszlo, your hosts, are experienced Veterinary Practitioners who care for the needs of the domestic and 'wild' creatures of the area and provide a constant warm welcome to two- and four-legged visitors alike. We were both professional Endurance riders in the past and draw on our many years experience to share with you our passion for horses and the African wilderness.

Experience this lovely part of Africa from your veranda. Or you may spend hours exploring the farm and its environment from horseback, on foot or with your feet up watching the many changing faces of the mountain. All a refreshing change from being enclosed in a safari vehicle. This is an experience not to be missed!

The Location: Makoa-Farm is a one hours drive from Arusha, 30 minutes from Kilimanjaro International Airport and just 20 minutes from the old German town of Moshi.


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