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Important to know...

And in more detail... our safari horses:

Akrobat, Spanish influenced Thoroughbred-Mix, 159cm, powerful safari companion.
Pumuckl, Akrobat/Achal Tekke offspring, 145cm, small but stocky and strong. Fun partner for young adults with a sense of humor.
Akrobat, Pumuckl, Sayo - the powerful trio! Sayo: Bavarian Warmblood, 162cm.
Topaz, Akrobat/Thoroughbred offspring, 156cm, willing and forward-going, likes to please his rider, powerful and fun for sporty riders.
Joey, Thoroughbred, 161cm, experienced and sensitive mount for safaris.
Ninjo, Thoroughbred, 167cm, strong, willing and forward-going horse with lovely character.
Pepita, Akrobat/Petite Blanche offspring, 157cm, inherited the elegant shape and "Arabian character" from her mother.
Utopia, Namibian Warmblood, 161cm, forward-going and responsive, very experienced safari horse.
Speedy, Thoroughbred, 165cm, calm and confident but powerful at the same time. Speedy enjoys the partnership with his rider.
left to right: Ninjo, Pepita, Utopia, Speedy
Sanjan, Thoroughbred, 152cm, willing and forward-going, fun for sporty riders.
Shilling, Namibian Warmblood, 165cm, friendly and willing, calm and reliable safari mount.
Danya (Akrobat on the leash) Akrobat/Thoroughbred offspring, 152cm, a pretty, challenging and temperamental mare, experienced safari horse and fun to ride.
Narcolino, Danya/Australian Brumby offspring, 155cm, currently in training and for farm rides only, Narcolino will be as powerful and sure-footed as his relatives that roam the Australian outback.
Shinjuku, Thoroughbred, 157cm, new in our herd, likes to please her rider and enjoys a sensitive and loving hand.
Talisman, Thoroughbred, 167cm, new in our herd, fast and forward-going horse with extended paces, for experienced riders only.
Tonino, Thoroughbred, 166cm, in the background Topaz. Tonino has a calm character and is a lovely and reliable partner for your safari.
front Tonino, behind (grey) Danya
Kili, Thoroughbred, 162cm, very forward-going, challenging horse with humor, experienced and powerful.
Petite Blanche, Arabian/Trakehner, 151cm, pretty, temperamental and challenging mare, experienced safari horse and fun to ride.
left Pumuckl, right Kili
Bagira, Thoroughbred, 159cm, willing and forward-going, very sensitive to ride, for experienced riders with soft hands.
Petite Blanche